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Pinakamahusay na pulang alpombra

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Red color stands for happiness, good luck and courage.

Some knowledge about red rug

Uri ng tela
There are many types of fabric that can be used to craft a rug, including wool, cotton, jute, sisal, seagrass, silk, synthetics and acrylics. For this rug, it is made of 45% cotton, 55% polyester, that is one of top sale in Amazon.

Mga Bilang
In addition to the fabric, you should consider a rug’s line and needle count. The line count is the number of stitches made per square inch while the needle count is the number of loops in the yarn. A higher count indicates a higher quality rug with denser and more tightly woven fibers.

Categories and shapes
No matter what kind of carpet, it can be classified according to different purposes
Area Rugs are typically interior rugs made of wool or synthetic fabrics. These rugs are common accents in living rooms, dining rooms, offices and bedrooms.
Outdoor Rugs and doormats are usually built from a synthetic material called polypropylene. These rugs are heavy-duty and built to endure exposure to dirt, rain and other damaging elements.
Bathroom and kitchen rugs are smaller than area rugs and usually made of synthetic or rubber-like materials. These rugs are made to repel water.
Runners are area rugs with a short width but extensive length. They adorn hallways and staircases.

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